Plan your TRIP by YOURSELF.



Efficiency in planning 
is one of the most important factors for a successful B2B meeting. With proven track record and valuable relations with state authorities, chambers of commerce and industry and civil organizations, AKIN DANISMANLIK Company Ltd.offers guaranteed services in setting up bilateral meetings between local and overseas business partners by presenting appropriate PR services.

Below are services provided by AKIN DANISMANLIK Company Ltd. in foreign trade event management:
• PR and promotional activities
• Organization of bilateral (B2B) meetings between companies
• On- site mission preparation
• Flight arrangements
- Chartered aircraft 
- Ticketing
- Coordination with airlines
- Airport transfers and opening of special check-in counters for delegates,
- On–site preparation of tickets
- Seating layout plan and VIP seating arrangements
- Baggage labeling and transport service
- Supply comfortable entry/exit to the airport
- Fast track and VIP services
- VIP and CIP halls set up in the destination points
• Country entry-exit visa services
• Hotel accomodation/reservations
• Organization of transport and transfer services
• Arrangement of site and halls for congress, conferences, seminars, forums and meetings, provision of technical audio and visual equipment for bilateral meetings (B2B)
• Simultaneous translation services
• Provision of simultaneous and consecutive translators 
• Arrangement of host, hostess and guides 
• Arrangement of advisory desks and secretarial services
• Suppling of Telecommunications / Communication services
• Arrangement of multi-purpose halls
• Stage and scene decoration services
• Coffee breaks and catering services
• Arrangement or meeting rooms for representatives of local and foreign companies and organizations
• Design of special web pages for events
• Posters and advertising preparation
• Graphic design works
• Preparation of company catalogues and brochures, including customized orders
• Preparation of related country reports
• Preparation of programs and booklets
• Promotional materials (giveaway pens, notepads, organizer, portable memory card, t-shirts, etc.), per specific customer instructions
• Supplying by logo printed with name badge of institutions, organizations, and companies, and certificate of attendance, badges, and bags
• Mailing services

In addition to the above standard services, we also will welcome your special requests.

Our goal is providing you with suitable and special solutions in a professional and reliable manner...ız.